Praise and Prayer

Look to the LORD and His strength; seek His face always 1 Chronicles 16:11


  • Travel: Bro. Sreejith | Evg. Pushparaj | Sis. Sibu Susiben

Prayer Matters

Sick Members
  1. Cheryl Noble viral fever and cough
  2. Complete cure from seizure for Baby Johan Sijo, Baby Joshua & Baby Cheryl Noble
  3. Mstr. Hanzel suffering from intermittent stomach pain.
  4. Bro. Daniel Wesly suffering from Kidney stone.
  5. Bro. Soman (USA, Former memberof EBA) suffering from tongue cancer.
  6. Sis. Suma aunty & Sis. Ramani is suffering from different ailments.
  7. Bro. Rahul, Sis. Merlin & Sis.Lydia's mother (Knee Pain), Bro. Shaji Sam (Shoulder pain), Bro. Godly (Back pain)
  8. Bro. Pratap’s mother age- related problems;

Other Prayer Matters
  1. Travels this week: NIL
  2. Marriage: Bro. Sreejith (May 1st)
  3. House Construction: Bro. Shibin & Bro. Sojo
  4. Sis. Joice Roni is looking for a straight shift duty
  5. Class 10th Students: Sivakumar Mani
  6. Children studying in India and abroad: Bro. Emil - license exam. Bro. Akshay & Kiran’s Studies
  7. Job issues: Br. Subash, Br. Raju, Br. Godly, Br. Boble, Br. Gladson.
  8. Spiritual Life: Family of Bro. Muralidas, Bro. Rahul & Sijo’s
  9. Job:Sis. Merrin, Sis. Lidiya, Bro. Rejin, Sis. Biji, Br. Muralidas, Sis. Milcah

COVID-19 Prayer Matters
  1. Places affected: Africa | America | GCC | Europe | South East Asia | Western Pacific
  2. Lord's healing on the sick and stop the spread.
  3. Sick believers - health and safety.
  4. Health workers- Doctors and Nurses who work among the patients.
  5. Grieving families who have lost their loved ones.
  6. Churches – most of them have closed down, the believers should not lack in spiritual growth.
  7. Governments authorities, and higher officials, that God should be gracious among them during the crisis.
  8. Church fellowship will restart as soon as possible